Music Snob. Movie Fanatic. Nerd. Scholar. Writer. Food Connoisseur. Literature Enthusiast. These are few of the titles I’ve heard cross the lips of close friends and acquaintances through the years. Indeed, I would agree that each of those christenings accurately describes a portion of who I am. Although my future awaits in the contoured seat of an ergonomic chair whittling away at countless hours of computer code, my real passion rests in literature, music, cinema, and food.

This blog’s mission is two-fold. First, it will serve as a way to convey my experiences with the aforementioned hobbies, an outlet for my thoughts on books I read, music I enjoy, restaurants that please my palate, and movies that deliver stories and performances worthy of praise. Second and most importantly, this blog will serve as a free-writing arena when I’m stuck on a portion of the novel I’m writing. In between those main purposes, I may even throw in a few musings of my daily life in hope that somebody, somewhere finds something interesting, worthwhile, or inspiring.

And thus, I give to you “I Could Write It…”


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