The End of College Part I — Regrets

Holy crap, I graduated.

After four years of projects, late nights in the library, Ramen, part-time jobs, Thirsty Thursdays…and Tuesday Night Ices…and a Messed Up Monday every once in awhile…and overall university-focused goodness, my collegiate career has come to an end. I am officially an alumni of Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

The Grad.

So what now?

Well, I start my big boy corporate job at Cargill HQ in a few weeks. This means finding an apartment in Minneapolis, furniture shopping sprees at IKEA, and updating my wardrobe with gratuitous amounts of business casual attire.

It also means I have time to write again. Having to finish all of my semester projects, getting my old apartment ready for move out, and hanging out with people I won’t be seeing for awhile, pushed all else to the wayside for the last few months. With my nights and weekends free now, I’ll have plenty of time to write about the things I enjoy and get back to writing my novel. For those of you who enjoy stalking me through my blog, rejoice, for it will now be updated more frequently.

As college came to a close, I thought a lot about everything I’ve gone through the past four years and even more about where my life was heading now that I’m done. I have enough of these thoughts for at least a few posts, hence the “Part I” in the title of this one.

I’m not one to regret many things. I’m of the belief that the things that happen in our lives are there to teach us lessons, for better or worse. However, there are still those moments where crucial decisions were made that I wish I could go back and change. This is a post full of those things I’ll look back on and think about the what ifs. For instance…

1. My Major

Don’t get me wrong. I love computers and I’m good with them. My degree in Management Information Systems has been nothing short of a gold mine for job offers and has secured a great future for myself and a way to quickly pay back my college loans that I would otherwise be drowning in. Is it my biggest passion? No. That would be writing and the English language. If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d be an English and Education dual major. I’d absolutely love being an English professor someday. Some of the writing I’ve seen in my classes has been absolutely atrocious. I could fix that. I could write my novels, do research, and teach the next generation of writers how to be passionate about putting words down on a page…or at least how to use commas correctly.

2.  Money

Out-of-state tuition is terrible. If you can at all avoid it, please do so. Between not listening to my own advice from the last sentence and liking to spend the money I earn, I’ve come out of college with a pretty hefty amount of debt. That’s not my regret though. Money is necessary to get a college experience and Kansas State provided me with a pretty damn good one. My regret is that I should have invested more. Because of the recession, the last few years have been some of the best for young people to buy stocks for the long-term for cheap. I’ve seen some stocks I’ve been following the last four years bounce back to several times the amount they were at when I could have bought them. Even with the relatively small amount of money I could have spared to invest, I still could have made a few thousand dollars. A new Mac and iPad sure are looking good right now…

3.  Clubs

Not of the dance variety. I’m talking about the ones that set up tables in the Union and try to coerce people to be in their groups with lollipops and free water bottles. There’s so many different things to do in college. I look back and think of all the free time I had and wonder why the hell I didn’t do more with people I would’ve enjoyed hanging out with. Sure I was in a business fraternity and an a capella group, but I could have met so many more people had I just joined more groups. I should’ve joined choir. I should’ve been a Business Ambassador. I should’ve joined the Anime Club. The Tennis Club. The Dodgeball Club. Any writing club. You get the picture.  I don’t know whether it was the introvert in me or what, but there’s so many people with interests like mine that I didn’t meet by neglecting to join these groups.

4.  Learn More Outside of Class

I can’t even count the number of classes I took that I probably could have just googled through a study guide the night before a test and still aced the class. Some classes just don’t require a lot of commitment or thought. With the time I saved by not studying much for these often required classes, I should have taken the initiative to learn more outside of class. I had a goal to learn Japanese while in college. Didn’t happen. I wanted to learn how to make sushi. Didn’t happen. Mobile phone development? Of course not. Now that I’m out of school, I want to learn more. Ironic, right?

Of course after saying all that, I’m still really glad with where my life is right now. I have a good job, great family and friends, and abundant time to still accomplish many of the life goals I’ve set for myself.

Look for many more posts from the last few months I’ve been absent in the upcoming weeks. I have plenty of restaurants, movies, music, and more that I’ve been saving up to talk about when I have time…and that time is now!

3 Responses to “The End of College Part I — Regrets”
  1. Chris says:

    You did join a writing group!
    But they were a mess and we decided to not go to meetings anymore haha.

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    It’s natural to look back on college and have regrets. I think it’s because we are given such a lofty image of college before we go, and once we get there, we realize that it’s a lot more studying and a lot less time for fooling around than we thought. Mix in friends and possibly a girlfriend, and you’re busy almost every night. But hopefully, you have time for more experiences once you graduate. Good luck!

    • You’re right — our image of college before we attend is so skewed by movies showing nothing but partying and days spent on the quad that once we get there, we’re disappointed by how fast the days really go when they’re full of studying and other necessities. Hopefully now, with some money and the city of Minneapolis surrounding me, I’ll get a chance to do some things I enjoy. Thanks for the read and the insight!

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