Song of the Week: O’Brother — “Ascension”

It’s very rare that I find a new song that I think is something special, so when I found this track while looking through the bands Circa Survive is touring with this fall, I was blown away. From the slow, building intro, to the first haunting echo of the main guitar riff, to the unexpected … Continue reading

Brand New, Cursive, and An Horse — Live In Winnipeg, Manitoba

This past week, I took my first big-boy job vacation days…and went to Canada. I know, what you’re thinking – “That sounds horrible.” And it was. Driving through North Dakota and southern Manitoba may be the most painful 4 hours I have ever spent in a car. There’s nothing there, and when I say nothing, … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Albums of the Last 10 Years — #10

Ten years ago, I was eleven years old and had no idea who or what I liked yet in the various categories that fill this blog. I would have scoffed at movies like The Artist and spat out even the most deliciously expensive Champagne. Hell, I hadn’t even heard of a little band called Brand … Continue reading

Without The Sun, There Is No Moon. Without Me, There Is No You.

Is there anything better than wine with food? Seriously, what other combination can turn a $5 Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza and a $12 bottle of Chianti into a meal fit for kings? Those two things are what my Saturday night has consisted of…that and replaying one of my favorite videogames, Mass Effect. Now that I’m … Continue reading

Bargain Bin Rantings — Paper Rival

There are a few things in this world that truly peeve me: 1.  People who shuffle their feet when they walk. Seriously, if you can’t perform the basic function of picking up your feet, please don’t bother me. 2.  Smokers right outside the gym. The last thing I want to inhale immediately following a run … Continue reading

Fight Off Your Demons

The greatest album of the last decade is Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. This is pure, indisputable fact. It’s as close to a perfect album as I’ve heard in the twenty-one years of my existence, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the sheer, dark bliss this … Continue reading